How to remove mold or mildew from blinds

The most common materials that are used to make the slats or vanes of blinds are vinyl, wood and of course fabric. Most of the vertical blinds as well as roman shades in the market are made out of fabric. They are wonderful but one of the major problems is that they are difficult to clean especially when they are stained with mold or mildew. Most people just either replace the vanes or simply the whole blinds.

The more cost effective thing that you can do is to use a strong stain remover to clean those stubborn mold away. You should either use a granulated form of stain remover that can mix with water or those liquid ones that you spray directly at the fabric. The type to use depends on the severity of your mold stains. First of all if you are dealing with vertical blinds you need to remove the vanes from the head  rail and then remove the fabric from the inserts. You will also need either a bath tub or a large pail where you can soak the fabric overnight. Fill the bath tub or pail to about 3 gallons of water then take about 12oz of the granulated stain remover and mix with the water. Put all the fabric into the tub and let it soak overnight. You can also add a couple of cups of vinegar into the solution so that it will help to remove the odor from the vanes.

The next day remove the vanes from the bath tub and you should see the water turning creamy which means that the solution is working. Leave the fabric on the floor and use a wet sponge to rub all the vanes especially those areas that are covered with mold. When you are done just hose it down with water to remove the solution. Hang it up to dry. By this time you should be able to see that most if not all the mold stains have been removed.

For the milder mold or mildew stains you can just spray the stain remover on the blinds. Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Use a wet sponge to rub on the blinds and you should be able to see the results right away. If it doesn’t work then use the earlier method above.

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